You do want traveler’s insurance

“Would you like to pay 15 Euro extra for traveler’s insurance?”

No way, I’d rather save 15 Euro! That’s just a waste of money!


Well, at least when it comes to Ryan Air. We haven’t even gone on the trip yet and I’m already regretting not getting insurance. We recently booked a weekend trip to Ireland and set the return flight for Tuesday morning without realizing Michelle has class Monday night. We booked the flights together under one card to make it easier, or so we thought. Once we realized we have to change Michelle’s flight I went to the Ryan Air website, clicked ‘Change my Flight’ and learned that you can’t change individual flights online, you have to call in. Okay, so this is automatically annoying but it was my only option. The next day I had time in between class so I pulled up all the flight info and tried to call the number listed on the website. The call ended without even ringing. I decided to try the German-speaking number, hoping I could manage to get my point across. An automated message told me the number is not in use. Great. I headed back to the Ryan Air website and chatted with an agent who told me that the only way to change one flight is to call, and then ended the chat before I could ask him about the obsolete phone numbers. I then found out that if we had purchased traveler’s insurance we could have changed individual flights. If I’m already regretting not buying it, I can only imagine my thoughts after the trip. The buyer’s regret will be real. 

Next time I know: Just buy it. 


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