Food Friday: L’Osteria

Normally I’m not a huge fan of Italian food but the second day I was in Salzburg I discovered this Italian restaurant down the road named L’Osteria and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve already been four times and I haven’t even been here a month. It’s just too good. So far I’ve had their pasta, pizza, and salad and the pizza is hands down my favorite. Probably because it’s the best deal. For a giant (see picture below) Margherita pizza it’s only 6.50 Euros! One pizza is easily big enough for two people to share. I almost forgot to mention that they give you bread and tap water FOR FREE. If you’ve ever been to Europe you know this is pretty much unheard of. They don’t give you bread plates or butter so you just have to eat your bread dry with your hands, but it’s free so you can’t be picky.

Tonight I decided to treat myself for making through the second week of real classes (my German professor Eva is the hardest and most particular professor I’ve ever had. We have to write our essays every other line and leave a 5 cm column next to the right margin so she can butcher our papers with corrections.) so I ordered a Mojito and a Margherita pizza. It was the first Mojito I’d ever had and it was delicious! I barely made a dent in my pizza but that just means more for tomorrow!

Oh and as if L’Osteria couldn’t get any better, they have the hottest waiters.



Forget about those tiny European Cafes you pretend to enjoy.




Texas-sized pizza heaven.


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