It’s All About Perspective

Apple’s ad, titled “Misunderstood,” cleverly uses perspective to make it one of the best ads of the season. The ad depicts multiple generations of family together for Christmas. In the many scenes, they are all playing, laughing and interacting with each other, except for one teenage boy who is constantly on his iPhone. As someone who is a part of the tech-savvy generation Y, this is something that is far too familiar to me. It seems these days no one, including myself, can refrain from looking at their phone for more than five minutes. I was tinged with sadness as I watched him miss out on so many great moments and thought to myself that this was about to be the most depressing Christmas ad ever created.

Seconds before I was about to assume Apple has a heart of stone, the ad switched gears. As the family gathers in the living room the boy plugs his phone into the TV and a video starts to play. Here we see all the moments shown earlier in the ad, but this time they are from his perspective. We learn that instead of disregarding his family like we thought, the boy was recording everything. The family is visibly touched and the ad ends with them embracing each other.

This heartfelt ad was refreshing, among many things. In the age where technology is blamed for many of the downfalls of society, it is nice to see a powerhouse company like Apple remind us that it can also be used for good.


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