World Cup 2014

With exactly six months until the start of the World Cup, it seems advertisers in Brazil are getting restless. Advertisements have been running since the beginning of December that highlight Brazilian national pride. One such agency, interestingly enough named Africa, has produced a number of commercials for the games. In addition, many retailers are offering giveaways and promotions on certain products. For example, anyone who buys a Sony 4K TV by Christmas day will receive two tickets to one of the matches. Other companies include Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola. 

One of the biggest concerns that comes with events like these is ensuring only those who are official sponsors produce ads using the event logos. In this case, FIFA is the organization that is in charge of protecting the sponsors from their rule-breaking competitors. However, with six global partners, eight global sponsors and eight local supporters, this can get to be a lot. 

It will be interesting to see how the ads and giveaways evolve as we move closer to the start date. You can read the full article, including details of some of the commercials, at Ad Age:


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