Newcastle’s Cab Advertising

Newcastle just released their latest limited-edition Cabbie Black Ale beer last month. To promote it, they are offering to drive bar hoppers home under the condition that they advertise the product over a loudspeaker during the entire cab ride. The cabs are modeled after black British taxis and have the copy “Don’t be a wanker. Take a bloody cab.” painted on the back to extend the brand’s identity.

The promotion took place throughout Los Angeles and successfully delivered 54 buzzed individuals at their homes in one piece. Although there were 54 fewer [potential] DUIs that night, there were 67 noise complaints. It is undeniable that they got the word out about their product, but did they go too far in alerting the public? Regardless of the successes and failures of Newcastle’s promotion, one thing is for certain: the video is hilarious.

Watch it here at


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