Beyonce: Humble Artist or Marketing Genius?

At this point, we are all aware of Beyonce’s sudden release of a new album Friday, December 13th at midnight. Complete with 14 songs, 17 videos and guest artists such as Frank Ocean, it’s a miracle they were able to keep it a secret for so long. Reactions have been explosive, which is not surprising considering Beyonce’s expansive and loyal fan base, and have created buzz all over the nation. 

Beyonce claims that she did not want to market her album so her listeners could really get a feel for who she is. In the age where advertising is so prominent, choosing not to advertise at all is huge. Therefore, this prompts me to wonder: Did Beyonce do this out of humility or is she a marketing genius that completely defied the world of advertising as we know it?

Beyonce is a smart person. She knows that this lack-of-promotion would only work for someone whose fans idolize not only their music, but their personal life as well. It would only work for someone who is powerful, confident and inspirational. Someone who is, well, Beyonce. Therefore, she had to have known that her “surprise” album would be widely successful. 

For someone who is already called a queen, it seems she cannot get any more perfect–until she pulls something like this. After Miley Cyrus admitted her numerous scandalous actions were simply an effort to gain publicity and promote her music–under the phrase “no publicity is bad publicity”–the nation had a wake up call on the power of advertising. Now, we are experiencing a second awakening, but in the complete opposite way. 


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