Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Word is in for who is buying Super Bowl ad spots, what the creative will look like and which agency is producing the ad. Any guesses on who will appear? Hint: As of now, the list looks pretty familiar, with a few exceptions.

There are currently seventeen brands on the list, including Axe, Butterfinger, Chevrolet and many more. The spots I am personally most excited for are Chobani, Doritos, Jaguar, Dannon Oikos and Wonderful Pistachios.

This will be Chobani’s first appearance in the Super Bowl, and with Dannon’s decision to bring Oikos back this year, it will not be the only ad for Greek yogurt during the game. They are hitting the ground running: the ad will be longer than 30 seconds and will kick start a new campaign. The creative details have yet to be determined, but will be created by Droga5. Oikos also has yet to determine the creative aspect and is deciding on whether or not to feature John Stamos again. The spot will be a traditional 30 seconds and is still waiting on an agency to produce it.

Doritos, a crowd favorite, will have two 30 second spots this year. For the first time, they will open the ad creation contest to people from all 46 countries in which the chips are sold. Consumers will choose one spot and the Doritos marketing team will choose the other. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners will be involved.

This will also be Jaguar’s first time in the Super Bowl. The 30 second spot will run in the third quarter, and will revolve around “brainy, sexy British villains.” It will be directed by Tom Hooper and produced by Spark 44. I have a feeling this one will be a real crowd-pleaser.

Wonderful Pistachios is trying to break up their 30 second spot into two 15-second ones. It is rumored that Miley Cyrus will be featured, although they have yet to confirm whether or not that is true. It will be produced by The Fire Station. One thing is for sure: if Miley makes an appearance, the spot will certainly create buzz.

Which ads are you most exited to see?

Article via Ad Age:


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